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Looking to buy real estate leads? Real Estate Hook generates fresh leads through our sales funnels by placing well-placed advertisements showcasing your property on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, combined with search targeting.

Users visiting the funnel to view your ads are required to input their contact information.

Which then gets passed directly to you.

Sign up to learn how to triple or quadruple qualified leads


You can begin by clicking on the “GET LEADS HERE” button. This will give you access to create an account, choose a package and access the dashboard to showcase your property.

On the portal you’ll be asked to choose whether you are renting or selling. You will add information about your property, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the price, and details like the address and other descriptions.

You can also share photos, room plans, and videos of indoors, outdoors or the neighborhood.

Then, you will review your ad and make payment before submitting. Your ad is posted online immediately.


WHAT ELSE should i know?

Our nationwide reach is based on demographic and market data of potential buyers and renters. We are therefore able to provide you with hot leads when you place your advertising in our hands.

When you sign up with us, you have your own account, with your own advertisement and all the details of your property placed on social platforms. This is done in all markets where your property is sought after by buyers and renters.

Because they are looking for properties like yours in the area, they have a strong likelihood of becoming your renters and buyers.

Our strategy is a simple 3-step formula and guarantees high lead volume for you, our clients.

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