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About Us

A property owner is responsible for marketing their apartments, scheduling appointments, qualifying buyers or tenants, and negotiating sales or leases. Some owners hire professionals to do various tasks, while others handle most of it themselves. As the marketing arm for property owners we take our job seriously.

Real Estate Hook is simply your outsourced marketing manager. Our mission is to provide property owners with an easy and convenient way to rent or sell their inventory.

Here is how we help: We are an ideal complement to your venture, because we are in business to provide For Rent By Owner/FRBO and For Sale By Owner/FSBO quick access to qualified leads.

Utilizing proactive marketing methods, we increase your reach in a shorter timeframe. We alleviate the stress and competition of finding renters and buyers while helping you grow your pipeline of qualified leads.

Get Exclusive Real Estate Leads Near You!

Our approach is simple: We create digital pipelines to capture the attention and contact information of people who are looking for properties and we send you these qualified leads.

You reach out to them with all the information we send you and BOOM! You close the deal.

Creating this dynamic sales pipeline for you means you close deals faster and more often.

Discover the number of leads we can supply you with on a monthly basis. Saturate your local market and get exclusive buyer and renter leads – not shared with your competitors.

We optimize all the paths we know we can find prospects on. This way we design the most ideal customer journey to maximize engagement with your prospects.

Our goal is to identify them and understand their journey in order to tailor our sales and marketing efforts accordingly.


We are able to deliver fresh leads to you every day by utilizing an untapped market.

Since generating leads is what we do best, we don’t consider ourselves leads sellers, but rather “fresh leads generators“.

We package your property in a way that will make it more appealing to enthusiastic renters and buyers.

When you hire us, you own those leads. None of your leads are sent to another property owner.

Fast connection to buyers and renters guaranteed

No contracts at any time

Better prices with faster results

We generate fresh, qualified leads daily

Sell or rent your property and pay NO commission

Free unlimited photos, videos and editing of your post

Fast and easy online showcase of your property

You get exclusive leads

No leads are recycled or circulated to your competitors

In addition to guaranteeing a minimum number of leads, we will forward all leads generated by your ads placement regardless of whether they exceed the minimum number. In this way unlimited leads can be generated.

Included in Flat Fee MLS Listing

Listing on MLS for 12 months

More than 25 photos

10 free changes to your listing

MLS listings will appear on,, trulia, redfin, etc., within 24 hours…

Call forwarding, info text and email forwarding

And more…

FREE – Included with Flat Fee MLS Listing

Free Home Value Report: Includes estimated value, property profile, comp sales and more…

Free Real Estate Comparison Report: Includes recently sold homes, market trends and more…

Free Open House Kit: Includes flyer stand, booties, registry, tent cards, and more…

Free FSBO Listing: a webpage featuring your home sale

Free Forms and Disclosures

For all these reasons why not give Real Estate Hook a try? Sign up and see for yourself.