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Our clients are property owners who want to handle most of the process of renting or selling their properties. They are called For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and For Rent By Owner (FRBO).

We are positioned to help FRBO and FSBO entities. Although the market is oversaturated with lead generation companies, finding one with the right strategy can be challenging. This is because a lot of companies recycle leads and send the same leads to other home owners.

Real estate is not a one-size-fits-all industry, and neither should your paid lead generation plan. Real Estate Hook know how to get your ads in front of the right people and we are passionate about helping you find high-converting leads.

Qualified leads are people who respond to the criteria in your advertisement. In other words the information they see causes them to give their contact information willingly and freely.

Based on multiple predefined indicators in the marketing message, these leads are deemed worthy and genuine for further consideration.

You will receive the name, email and telephone number of the leads and how soon they expect to buy or rent.
Each day that the property sits vacant, the landlord or owner is losing money. We help you move your property into cash faster by connecting you to a wider audience of qualified people.
Once we get your leads you will contact them to finalize the process of buying or renting.

We show photos of the property and videos you posted in your ads, all property descriptions, and the address of the property.

When we get someone who is interested in your property we forward your contact information: email and telephone number to them. We also forward their contact details to you. 

Yes, everything is done online through automation, cloud and AI: posting properties, getting feedback, editing your posts, corresponding via CRM, etc.

However you could email us at or call 646-984-5140, eastern standard time from 9:00am-5:00pm on weekdays.

Yes, everyone posting their property is given an account so they can get access to view, track and make changes. Once you input one property you will use the same account to input as many properties as you like.

Yes, you can enter, access, edit anything in your account via phone or via computer.

If your property is rented or sold within a shorter time than you paid for we will gladly refund a prorated amount.


Yes, each price is for one property. You could use the account you have to log in and post as many properties as you like. 

However, we also provide customized bundles so our clients who are posting more than nine properties could receive a discount code to save on ad spend. Contact us at this email:

(Prices are shown when you click on the “GET LEADS HERE” button).

No limits. Once you have an account you have unlimited editing, unlimited photos, unlimited videos that you can post to your advertisement. We will get an alert that changes have been made and we can update your ad.

Some property owners trying to do it themselves are saved from the pitfalls of wasting time which means losing money.

Moreover, they are saved from the high commissions and fees of agents and brokers.

Although agents and brokers have access to a wide network, you can miss the opportunity to connect with your target audience if you are not utilizing alternate marketing plans. This is where we come in.
Yes, we will send you weekly, bi-monthly or monthly analytics and reports depending on the package you choose.

Flat-fee MLS Listing is a service that allows you to pay a flat-fee to list your property on MLS. 

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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